taught by Kim Snyder
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Faith Leeper

Vocal Balance for Floaters

This course is great, I love the quick, effective exercises. I recommend it to any Floater!

Faith Leeper

This course is great, I love the quick, effective exercises. I recommend it to any Floater!

Kim Snyder
Kim Snyder
Creator of The Voice Club Method

About the instructor

CLICK HERE to find a list of fun facts & other stuff from Kim's vocal/teaching resume.  

***Vocal Balance Workout Courses are designed to accompany Vocal Mastery & cannot be purchased seperately***

After completing Module 1 of Vocal Mastery, you'll be directed to the Vocal Balance VocalTurbo Charge Workouts that will help your specific voice grow 'better, FASTER'!

The Vocal Balance for Floaters Course includes up to 7 months worth of TurboCharged Vocal Workouts, Training videos, mp3 scales & pdf downloads to pinpoint the biggest obstacles a Floater faces.

  • Get step by step instructionon what to do to grow 'better FASTER'!
  • Discover the red flags that tell you before your voice tries to wimp out on you. Learn how to wake up your power voice (yes you really have one) and uncover your massive range!  Then learn to control it all like a vocal magician!
  • GeQuick Tips that will put your vocal growth into hyper-speed and do it all without ANY pain, strain or hoarseness.
  • And learn how to bring power and softness to your entire expanded range, without having to give up anything!

This course Includes customized VocalTurboCharge Workoutsfor your specific voice type for up to SEVEN MONTHS of vocal growth!

Every Workout includes:

  • A Training Video (showing you exactly what to focus on and what not to get caught up into)
  • Downloadable Workout Notes so you'll never be without the 'how-to's'
  • MP3's of every scale in your workout so you can just download and get going!


Check out the Bonus Watch & Learn videos so you can see other singers, our students and even stars fixing the same thing you're working on.

Andget engaged with other students and coaches in the Discussion Groups.

Ask questions, get input and let us help you stay motivated and accountable!

Course Contents

7 Videos
2 Texts
7 Disqus