Top questions singers have that hardly anyone answers correctly | Creator of The Voice Club Method Kim Snyder
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Kim Snyder
Kim Snyder
Creator of The Voice Club Method

About the instructor

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REAL answers to YOUR top questions

This video series answers what singers want to know most (plus a few other handy bonus tips).  


 - How does my voice do that?

 - What’s the best way to stand to sing better?

 - Why does my voice have a ‘break’ in it?

 - How can I grow my range faster?

 - How can I sing with more power but no pain?

 - Why can’t I belt that big note every time?

 - How can I sound like my favorite singer?

 - How do I know if my voice is getting damaged?

 - What’s the best warmup to get my whole voice going?

Course Contents

8 Videos
1 Audio
1.5 hrs

What You'll Learn

How Your Voice Really Works (find the SHOCKER - it's in there)
This has NOTHING to do with singing - but EVERYbody thinks it does
The main reason your vocal range doesn't grow
Test your power voice and see who's REALLY in charge
Why big notes are hard - but shouldn't be
How can I sound like (insert other singer here)?
How to ruin your voice